Friday, February 1, 2013

MIDNIGHT CRAVINGS by Joelle Sterling

This is a love story about a young witch-in-denial and a Haitian boy-turned-zombie.

A couple reviews I read before reading the book mentioned this to be a YA novel, but I don't see that it was marketed as such. I can only conclude they made this assumption based on the ages of the main characters. If it truly is meant to be a YA book, I don't think it should be.

The gore wasn't enough to make me put the book down, but the story wouldn't lose anything without it. And, certainly, removing it, would open the door for this to indeed be considered a YA book.

The story weaves the elements of witchcraft, vampirism, and voodoo-induced zombieism with the growing pains endured in adolescence. It also explores different relationships:

  • The familial relationship- Holland and Phoebe and Jonas and his family in Haiti
  • Friendship between teen girls - Holland and Naomi
  • Teenage crushes  - Holland and Jarrett
  • Uneasy friendships - Jonas and Zac
  • Friendships of opportunity - Zac and Phoebe
  • Friendships that endure - Jonas and Holland

The characters are well-defined and believable and the story line flows fluidly.

I rate this 4 stars. I am looking forward to reading the rest of this trilogy, The Dark Hunger and Forbidden Feast.

Midnight Cravings is available at and other retailers in electronic or print form. Click on either title to be taken to it's page on Amazon.

**Disclaimer - I received an advance reader copy of Midnight Cravings from the publisher. No monetary or any other form of compensation has been received in exchange for this review.

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