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Twisted Seduction by N'Tyse

According to the girlfriend code, one does not date, sleep with, canoodle, fraternize, or otherwise become involved with a friend's ex. Disregarding this rule has resulted in not only the break-up of lifelong friendships, but sometimes also can erupt into physical altercations.

If the above-mentioned interactions with an ex-boyfriend can result in a loss of friendships and/or physical fights, can you imagine what would happen if this code were violated when a friend has a relationship with your husband? (If it were me, I'd end up sulking behind bars because the best friend I killed or maimed is the only one who'd write me regularly and put money on my books.)

Let's take this interaction with a friend's husband a step further. What happens if friend A is behind the scenes, setting up the opportunity for friend B to get it on with friend A's own husband? (Personally, I'd suspect the husband is rich and friend A wants out of the marriage, but terms of a pre-nup prohibit her from walking away and murder would be too obvious. Hmm, I may have read that in a book somewhere.)

N'Tyse has addressed this exact scenario in Twisted Seduction.

Denise and Nadine are best friends and business partners. Denise has been married to Jeff for nine years. Na dine and Jeff secretly lust after one another. One night, after choir rehearsal, the two of them chat as they're leaving the church. While covertly ogling each other, Jeff opens up about sexual problems in his marriage. Moments later, ON THE CHURCH GROUNDS, Nadine is crouching between Jeff and her car, playing "Hide the Salami in My Throat," which then progressed to the two of them getting to know each other in the biblical sense inside her car, still in the church parking lot. (I swear I heard "Give it to Me Baby" by Rick James in my head while reading this scene. Although, Salt-n-Peppa's "Push It" comes to mind too, now that I think about it.)

Having grown up in church, even going to a church school in elementary school, I had to put the book down for a minute. All I could think was "Oooh, they're going straight to hell in gasoline-soaked undies!"

That thought aside, I picked the book back up and didn't put it down again until I had read the entire book.

An addition to some steamy scenes, the book reveals the motive for Denise having maneuvered her best friend and husband together so that she can be with another man.  A life-altering secret that no one but Nadine has been privy to also comes to light- Deandra, Denise's daughter, isn't Jeff's child.

Three years later, we see Denise's plot to getting her husband and friend together explode. What happen affects her marriage as well as her friendship and business relationship with Nadine. Her secret affects Jeff, her daughter, and Nadine and Jeff's relationship, and Denise and Nadine's business relationship. (I can see Eddie Murphy pointing a finger at Denise, lecturing her when she comes up with her plan:  There's gonna be some consequences and repercussions.)
Readers are also given a glimpse of another intriguing character in Canvas Green. In him, we have a young, black male who presents himself as a "project thug" in Jeff's words. Canvas applies for a job at Jeff's car dealership, needing to earn income to support himself and his little sister. Jeff senses there is more to Canvas beneath the rough exterior and gives him a second chance and a mentor/mentee relationship develops between the two. Things go well, but, unfortunately, Canvas loses his job and we get a glimpse of him returning to a life on the streets. Though he's not a major character in the story, something about him in the scenes he's in draws me to his character. I'd love to see a story done about him and what happened to him up to this point.

N'Tyse effectively draws the reader into the emotional upheavals the characters go through. Although I think Denise brought all her upset on herself, I had to sympathize with her when things fell apart. Yes, she did some scandalous, downright dirty stuff, but my heart hurt for her. Even thought I wanted to reach into the pages of the book and slap Jeff in the back of his head for seeking out the attentions of a stripper, I understood that in the physical release with her, he was able to feel like a man again for the time he was with her.Like a lot of men, he let his little head do the thinking. I felt sorry for Nadine who, in keeping Denise's secrets, was caught between her loyalty to her best friend and loyalty to the man she loves. It may be further evidence that I'm a sap, but the funeral scene brought tears to my eyes.

I give this book five out of five stars. The plot is compelling and the characters are engaging. I can't wait for the sequel, Twisted Vows of Seduction.

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